Website Management

maintenance-imgWebsite Management is something that needs to be done on every website after it’s been developed and deployed.  The capabilities of newer browsers on both laptops, desktops, phone, & tables is constantly changing.  What works today might not work in a year due to browser improvements.

I like to offer every client a few options when it comes to website management or maintenance.  The best option is to purchase a block amount of hours so that I can update your website while you run your business.

Do It Yourself

If you feel comfortable updating your website, you can save yourself some money. This is not for every user. You will have full access to the admin area of your website and can make changes as you need.

Pay As You Go

This is great for users that don’t need their website updated often but don’t want to mess with updating it themselves. This includes and security patching or content updating on your website. There is a minimum of 15 minutes that you will be charged for updates.

Block Amount

Purchasing a block amount of time is great because there is no minimum charge for services. If it takes me 4 minutes to update something on your website, then only 4 minutes will be deducted from the amount of hours purchased. Additional blocks of time can be purchased at any time. Once you reach 1 hour of block time left, you will receive an email to purchase additional time.

Ready To Get Started?

If you have an questions or would like to hire me for your next project, please contact me by phone or email at 940.782.4213 or